We manufacture for Oil & Gas

We Go Deep

When we say Oil & Gas, we mean components
for extracting everything that can power
machines – coal, oil, gas and energy generally.

–– For combines and mining machines,
we manufacture, for example, reduction
transmission shafts, satellite carriers,
flanges, pinion flanges, bearing units, pinions,
lids, pins, booms and bearing hubs.

–– For oil and gas extraction (including offshore),
we supply, for example, drilling flanges,
risers, casing wedges, distribution cubes,
flanges, pistons, spindles and cube bodies.

–– We also know valves to the smallest detail,
whether they are intended for extraction,
refining or distribution. For such valves,
we are able to supply the body, lid, seat, ball,
internal armature components, flanges, shaft,
bushing, casing, seal and including the mount.

–– When it comes to power generation,
we manufacture, for example, safety elements
such as bypass valves and desuperheaters.
We can also produce components for turbines
and generators and their regulation (including
diffusers, regulation cones, nut and bolts,
valve lids and housings).

Absolute High-Tech

Trochu se pochlubíme: dodáváme dílce
pro jedničku v oblasti měření těžby ropy
a plynu. Celý ten produkt umí online sledovat,
co se v daném okamžiku vytěžilo – my pro něj
dodáváme meter body, venturi, uložení, adaptér
a přírubu.

When Anything Is
We Are There

Other than the whole of Europe, you can find
our products also in the Unites States (specifically
North Dakota, Texas and Alaska), the Near, Middle
and Far East, and in countries such as India.

Precisely thanks
to the most advanced
technologies, we deliver

In order for everything to be precise, we use
a temperature controlled measuring room equipped
with 3D measuring instruments, micrometers
and internal measuring gauges.


ISO Quality Certificate
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